I have a solution for SP2010. Let's call it s.wsp. I had version 1 of s.wsp and now I have version 2 of s.wsp. Versions 1 and 2 share three common features: A, B and C. Version 2 adds a new feature D.

We used to upgrade solutions with Update-SPSolution command, but now I have an error for A,B and C since we changed their paths:

The solution cannot be deployed. The feature 'guid_here' uses the directory "path_a" in the solution. However, it is currently installed in the farm to the directory "path_a_a". Uninstall the existing feature before you install a new version of the solution.

The idea was to add some custom code which will uninstall these features without using several calls of Uninstall-SPFeature command. But I have no idea is it possible or not. Can someone help?

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Check this links Different ways to achieve Feature Upgrade



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