I noticed that the css being loaded by CssLink differs depending on which page is being loaded. For example, when I load the _layouts/prjsetng.aspx page, it loads:

  • ~/_catalogs/theme/themed/7D16DABB/layouts-9C6B8173.css
  • ~/_catalogs/theme/themed/7D16DABB/corev4-8A0ABD2F.css

Then when I try to load my home page, the following gets loaded:

  • ~/_catalogs/theme/themed/7D16DABB/search-7E1AFF02.css
  • ~/_catalogs/theme/themed/7D16DABB/corev4-8A0ABD2F.css

My question is, how do I control this behavior? In my home page, I need a style that is defined in layouts-9C6B8173.css but for some reason, it is not getting loaded.

  • why you wanna load it for ? Dec 26, 2012 at 10:05
  • we have legay web parts that make use of the ~/_controltemplates/InputFormSection.ascx user controls. These controls are dependent on css styles defined in the layouts css file
    – Mel
    Dec 26, 2012 at 11:38

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Try to registering your css using,

<SharePoint:CSSRegistration name= "<%$SPrl:~SiteCollection/Style Library/~language/Core Stypes/Band.css%>" runat="server"/>

CSS Registration MSDN

Hope it helps.

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