So, I have a Custom List named "Events". Now I'm searching for a best practice to create "drafts" for the list items of the list, because there might be some events (monthly/ annually) which have nearly the same contents as some in the future and I don't want to create the whole event again and again when I have to change e.g. just the title.

So I thought about another custom List called "event drafts" or something like that. It should be possible with a visual webpart to save new entries of the Events List (on button click) into the event drafts list. On creating a new Event in the events list (webpart is stored on top / below the newform.aspx), there should also be a dropdown menu to choose from the list items located in the event drafts list and when an item is chosen, the form should be filled with the content of the event drafts ListItem.

So that was my use-case, my questions are:

  1. How do I realize such a "Save to event drafts"-Button? Is it possible to get the Values from the NewForm.aspx and save them to another list (which has the same columns, for sure)?
  2. How do I realize the corresponding "Load from event drafts" - Button/dropdown?
  3. Is there a better way to do it? I think it might be somewhat "over the top", creating a whole new list. Another way I thought of was something like "Add a button: "Save a copy as draft", which should save the actual Entries in the Events list and save a copy to the same list changing the event title to 'Draft: [EventTitle]' or something, but I don't like this solution for the events list would be blown up then.

I hope some of you might help me.

Best regards, Dominik

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