How repair this error: Please describe.

The language-neutral solution package was not found.

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Seems something to ask with Google...
The language-neutral solution package was not found

Excerpt from the article:

There are several things you can try to resolve the issue, in this specific order:

  1. Close Visual Studio Solution and completely exit out of it, then run it again and compile. This sometimes fixes the issue.

  2. Right-Click on your Visual Studio Solution, select "Clean" Solution, then Right Click on SharePoint Project and choose "Retract". Rebuild and Deploy.

  3. In PowerShell running as Administrator run Uninstall-SPSolution:

    • Unistall-SPSolution -identity {Name of WSP File} -allwebapplications
  4. In PowerShell running as Administrator run Remove-SPSolution:

    • Remove-SPSolution -identity {Name of WSP File} -force
  5. In PowerShell running as Administrator run the Delete() command:

    • (Get-SPSolution {Name of WSP File}).Delete()

If items 1 through 4 doesn't fix it, item 5 will definitely do the trick, but it shouldn't be run unless all the other solutions fail.

NOTE: Before deleting anything just take backup!

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Run (Get-SPSolution solutionname.wsp).Delete() in Sharepoint Management Shell.

You can find your SolutionName using:


You can also use:

Get-SPSolution | select * | out-file c:\solutions.txt

This will list all solutions, properties and output them to a file called solutions.txt. This may solve your problems.

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