I am trying to configure Site Mailboxes and eDiscovery between SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013. The guidance on both of these is pretty much the same, create a server to server trust, then grant permissions to the AppPrincipal.

Here are the instructions for eDiscovery for SharePoint and Exchange:


All the various pre-reqs seem to be met (UPS sync and MySites configured, Work Management and App Management service apps provisioned, etc). I am using SSL everywhere with certs issues from AD Cert Services, etc.

The problem I am getting is that when I create my SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer and then examine the registration, the .NameID property is blank. Unfortunately, the remaining instructions for granting permissions to AppPrincipcal require this property, and I am not sure why mine is blank.

enter image description here

Anyone have any idea why this property is blank, and how I might fix this?

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TechNet documentation is wrong. Do not use -IsTrustBroker parameter when creating trusted token issuer.

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