It seems like the content query webpart doesnt't exist in SharePoint online, at least not in my plan (Plan 2, E plans should have it). I didn't read that until I was looking for it.

Does anybody know about a good overview about the limitations of SharePoint Online? If something like that doesn't exist, feel free to post here.

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Have you gone through these references?

SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits

Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx

You may import a Content Query WP in SharePoint Online, check this out: Importing a Content Query Web Part in SharePoint Online

  • Yes I know about this stuff, what I mean is while working with SP Online I always find stuff that doesn't work but I never read about it before. I mean everybody knows about the sandboxed webparts for example, but things like the content query webpart are difficult to find. Of course when you have a problem and search for a solution you can find information. But is there a real complete list with all limitations of the different SP online plans including missing webparts and so on? Commented Dec 14, 2012 at 14:57

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