I'm using a "display" flag for people to only see what they care about, when display is set to "no" i just copy the item to a different list and remove it from the original list. I am using a workflow to do this, my problem is that I just got asked to do this with a document library instead of a list. If they're just documents the behavior is fine, but if it is a folder there is no way of starting the workflow.

Anyone knows a workaround this? When I googled the problem, the first post was something that showed how to create custom workflow conditions. I'm looking (and hoping) for a quicker solution to this problem. (I need to be done with this by tomorrow) any input would help tremendously.


Assuming you are talking about SharePoint designer workflows then there is no way to hook this up to a 'folder change event'. Very annoying.

You will need to consider something else such as an event receiver.

  • Yeah, I did mean a SPD workflow... That really sucks. Would there be perhaps another approach to this? All I need to do is given an option to hide documents and folders. Moving them to a different list was the first thing I thought of, but perhaps there's a more elegant solution?
    – lilghost76
    Sep 9 '10 at 21:11
  • Perhaps you can create a view that carries out the filtering. Sep 10 '10 at 5:59

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