Can the ItemAdding event be used in a Sandbox?

I need to perform a task when a Item is a added/adding, it has to be synchronous (item added is async so i cant use that).

If i cant use the ItemAdding what other options do i have?

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Yes, it is possible (see here too http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spitemeventreceiver.itemadded(v=office.14).aspx), however you would need to be aware of some tips, such as:

  • make sure you don't use any RunsAsPrivilegedUser
  • debugging always by attaching to SPUCWorkerProcess

I don't know the answer about using ItemAdding in Sandbox (although my guess would be yes), but another option you have is to change ItemAdded to be synchronous.

Here are a couple posts about that:



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