I have just taken over as developer of a Sharepoint farm with multiple site collections. I keep having to assign myself the relevant permissions that my predecessor had across various areas.

Is there any way I can duplicate his permissions to myself across the whole farm to save me having to keep switching user?

Naturally, I will create a group for Global Administrators so that my successor won't have this issue!

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    You can use the powershell script in this blog : geekswithblogs.net/bjackett/archive/2009/04/24/… to get the previous user permission and then you can set you user permission by modifiying this script to add your self as a user – user994521 Dec 10 '12 at 23:28
  • Thanks - sounds possible but I am a total newbie to both Sharepoint and .NET scripting and so I would have no idea how to adapt it to add myself the permissions (and would therefore have to return here to ask further questions!) – Pandy Legend Dec 11 '12 at 7:27
  • You can add your self as Site collection admin to all site collection. you can use a PS for that. by this way you have access to all the Site collections and you dont need to worry about the old user logins.

you can use this script :


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