I'm trying to write a custom workflow action and after searching I find this article and some other that referred to it. I follow the instructions step by step, but at the last step, author said:

Create an authorized type entry for the CreateActivityDemo assembly (custom workflow activity assembly).

I can not find any web.config file to create authorized type entry in it.

Any suggestion or better reference?


Actually, it needs an element in the AuthorizedTypes section of your web.config. The easiest way would be to open IIS manager (type in run - inetmgr) and search for your web site. then right-click and Explore, which automatically opens the Folder where files for that Web-Application are stored, you shall find the web.config there.

Alternatively you can go for \inetput\wwwroot\wss....your application, etc.

Follow this link exemplifying a programmaticaly way to add it automatically as soon as you deploy your solution (recomanded anyway!) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff798302.aspx

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