What are your project structures for sharepoint projects. For example my simple structure is: Think of a project named MyPortal


--MyPortal.Branding (Custom master pages, page layouts, css-js-images that go under _kayouts)

--MyPortal.Definitions (Content types, event receivers, list definitions/instances)

--MyPortal.WebParts (webparts, user controls, custom application pages)

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    I will allow this Q even though it is really too broad and has many answers. Have made it CW though, as should answers be – Anders Rask Dec 7 '12 at 22:13

MyPortal.Controls (controls and objects)
MyPortal.Commands (logic and analytics)
MyPortal.Properties (styling)

This can be followed for just about any SharePoint project.

  • The important thing to remember is that you should maintain consistency and clarity when designing your project structure. You should also watch out of long solution/project/file names. I have seen people use the project namespace as the project name, later causing long path issues. I personally try to keep the file names short but descriptive enough. – H A Dec 28 '12 at 19:46

Structure for any type of SharePoint Project has differences:

1-in Microsoft you can find many templates for programming:

any type has it's own template: download them

for example for web parts:


Contains information that is used by the Feature definition file in your project to deploy the Web Part.

.webpart file

Provides information that SharePoint needs to display your Web Part in a Web Part gallery.

Code File

Contains methods that add controls to the Web Part and generate custom content within the Web Part.

you can download from here:

Visual Basic and C# SharePoint Templates

These templates appear under the Visual Basic/SharePoint or Visual C#/SharePoint subcategories, and may be further sorted into 2007 and 2010.

2- in CodePlex :

This project extends the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Project system with advanced templates and tools.


The SharePoint Software Factory is a Visual Studio Extension helping SharePoint newbies, as well as experienced developers to create, manage and deploy SharePoint solutions without having to know every tiny XML and C# secret.

4- cksdev

This project extends the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint project system with advanced templates and tools.

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