The target search results page is */_layouts/OSSSearchResults.aspx*. In Site Actions >Search Setting> selected Show, do not include contextual scopes for Site collection Search Dropdown Mode. It is not displaying contextual scope in the search box but in target results page, it adds the contextual scope 'This Site: SiteTitle'

Env: SharePoint Server 2010

Pls let me know if anyone has solution for it.

Thanks, Jack

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in order to use custom scopes instead of contextual scopes in result page we will replace Default Search Result Page with Search Site Result Page.

The following steps should be accomplished:

A. Create site or site collection for Search using one of the following site templates:

  • Enterprise Search Center

  • Basic Search Center

B. Enable to use custom scopes and specify Search site location in Search Settings page as shown below

enter image description here

C. Specify for the Search Box web part Target Search Results Page Url. It should points to result page in search site as shown below

enter image description here

Hope this helps, Vadim

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