I want to extract a sharepoint list and then want to use it as a template in visual studion. Can you suggest from where i can download and add such a template into the visual studio. Please help !!



1- You can save the List as template:
List Settings -> Save list as template

2- It will give you a form, once filled; will give you .stp file which you can download!

3- Once you have the .stp file, you can change the .stp file extension to .cab file

4- Open and extract the contents of .cab file, the stp configuration will be specified in a manifest.xml file within that cab file (note that there may also be some other files containing content etc.

5- Once extracted and modified, you can make it back into an stp file by using visual studio to create a cab file project (file -> new -> project -> setup and deployment projects -> cab project).

6- Once complete simply change the extension of the .cab file to .stp

Opening and resealing Sharepoint .stp files
Import list template STP file to Visual Studio 2010

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