I want to allow a user to store personal information in my WebPart.

So I have a property:

 [Pages.SPWebCategoryName("Tag to display")]
 [WebDescription("You would put the description here.")]
 public string Tag { get; set; }

The customer wants to update the Tag property in the SharePoint WebPart directly on "OK" button click!

protected void OnButtonClick(...)
    var text = tb.Text;
    this.WebPart.Tag = text;
    // How to store?

How do I save the information for a specific user?

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Try the following in your click event:

  • Get the limitedwebpartmanager for the current page, in whichever scope you wish
  • ask that webpartmanager for the webpart with the id == this.ID (aka, this webpart)
  • edit the property
  • webpartmanager.savechanges(webpart);

You'll need to refresh the page but I believe that should work to set the property for the web part.

  • Sound like a plan. I will try this one.
    – Ievgen
    Dec 3, 2012 at 19:53

This is bad solution because each user should check in page on self after each update.

So its better to store data somewhere else.

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