I am trying to connect external list based on OData to Outlook, I could create it, but can't map its fields to Office Item type because it is invisible in SPD2013.

I made screenshots of all the steps to repeat the issue.

Step1. Create BDC model. You can skip this step and download bdcm file here

  1. Create new SharePoint 2013 app project. enter image description here

  2. Add new Item / Content Types for an External Data Source enter image description here

  3. Add test OData service info. enter image description here

  4. Select the only entity - Regions enter image description here

  5. Press the Deploy button (to generate WSP where we can get bdcm file), like it shown in this article.

At the end of this step I have BDCMetadata.bdcm file, which I get from the myproject.wsp\MyFeature\External Content Types.

Step2. Import the model to Business Data Connectivity Service.

  1. Go to the Central Administration \ Application Management \ Manage Service Applications \ Bussiness Data Connectivity Service \ Import. enter image description here

  2. Choose my bdcm file and press the Import button. enter image description here

  3. After that I can see my model in Web Browser. enter image description here But I can't see it in SPD2013. enter image description here

What I tried

  • press the refresh button, trying to make a clean installation of the SPD to another machine. Result is the same, I can't see it.
  • create External list using a web browser (Settings \ Add an app \ External list). I could see external content type

enter image description here

and even could create list, which worked well.

enter image description here

I can see this external list in SPD2013 too, but all the same I can't see the external content type.

Does anybody have any ideas? Every suggestions are very appreciated.

UPDATE1: Maybe there is another way to map external content type to the Office Item type without using SPD?

PS: link to this question on MSDN.

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Unfortunately, it seems that it happens because SPD2013 doesn't support OData. So possibly somebody knows the answer on the following question: Is it possible to map External Content Type to Office Item Type without using SharePoint Designer?

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