Does anyone know how I can pull off creating an xml data file from data in multiple lists using SPServices/Javascript/jQuery? I can certainly bring all the data I need out to a page and load into DOM or whatever if needed. Just not sure if there is a way without having SOM development capability to create the xml file. Either in a doc library, or windows dialog to store on the local machine (client machine)? anything?

Thanks for any and all help as always!

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I think to save the file you would need something like Downloadify

Getting the XML depends if you want it custom formatted etc.

You could just use Javascript to call the lists.asmx yourself


Do it as office does it and go FrontPage RPC

If you want custom, then you could build it in the DOM for ease and then export to a string variable, then downloadify it.

  • thanks Hugh. the FrontPage RPC is actually the kind of thing I was looking for....just unaware that I could approach it this way. Thanks very much!
    – Justin
    Nov 28, 2012 at 1:49

I have seen this topic on the SPServices forums before and underatood that it is possible to create ASCII files from the browser using webservices (although I have not had the need to do it myself). You will need the help of a BASE64 javascript library to do it.

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