Can anyone describe what is the difference between the SharePoint 2013 Standard and Enterprise versions?

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FPWeb, a SharePoint hoster (I am not affiliated to them nor working with them) has a nice edition comparision matrix here : http://www.fpweb.net/sharepoint-hosting/2013/compare-sharepoint-server-standard-enterprise/

standard vs enterprise

It's in my opinion, at the time of writing (2012-12-15) one of the best and cleanest comparison matrix of the two edition.


A matrix as far as I am aware hasn't been made, so an official comparison isn't easily available.

However combining:

What's new in 2013 over 2010


SharePoint 2010 Editions Comparison

You can get a rough idea.


check the url entered below two know the comparison


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We have Standard and off of the top of my head I recall two things that I have ran into: Standard lacks Excel Services and Business Data Connections (connections to systems external to Sharepoint).


Here is very well comparison: SharePoint 2013 – Foundation vs Standard vs Enterprise Server

Some other well links are:

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