I have write code in Feature Receiver to Create SubSite but while Feature is activating it returns the error

http://pc31:2000 contains illegal character ':'.

This is My Code where I got Error. can anyone help me?

SPWeb newWeb = site.AllWebs.Add(web1.Url, "Custom Site", "Site description", 
    1033, "Publishing Site", true, false);

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You need to specify the relative url of the new site as the first parameter to the AllWebs.Add() function. Have a look here:


A string that contains the new website URL relative to the root website in the site collection. For example, to create a website at http://intranet.contoso.com/sites/MySiteCollection/MyNewWebsite, specify MyNewWebsite, or to create a website one level lower at http://intranet.contoso.com/sites/MySiteCollection/Website/MyNewWebsite, specify Website/MyNewWebsite.

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