Any having experience with SharePoint 2010 and updating the user profiles properties (via managed code/PowerShell)? We have some problems setting values to a multivalued property. We have tried managed code as well as PowerShell but can’t set the multivalued properties. See below links:



Thanks in advance

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This is a really good question, which I find not to be covered that often.

The whole theory of how to get around it is:

$foo = Get-Record
$bar = "value and type of the target field collection"
$foo.SomeField += $bar
$foo | Set-Record

This is a general PowerShell example and would work with any multivalue field inside or outside of SharePoint.

I found a good example for SharePoint on msdn via google:

foreach($p2 in $_.Item($p).GetTaxonomyTerms())
    #valueType: $_.Item($p).Value.GetType() reports as a Taxonomy.Term
    $arProfileProps2 += $p2.Name.ToString();

Source here

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