Its sort of an open ended question but can anybody share the experiences, approaches, tools and infrastructure to implement following in their SharePoint Projects:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Performance Testing
  3. Load Testing
  4. Integration Testing

It will be great if people can share any pitfalls they had in their past projects. How a SharePoint Project was different then a normal .NET project?

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Unit Testing on SharePoint only really begins to work properly when you mock the SharePoint object model using one of a few methods.

Andrew Woodward over at 21apps.com has documented his findings of this, particularly with using TypeMock Isolator for SharePoint. http://www.21apps.com/category/agile/testing/

I also seen a recent presentation of his which demonstrated UI Testing Features available in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, which was quite interesting. (Slide Deck: http://www.21apps.com/sharepoint/slides-ui-testing-bpc10/)

For Load Testing, I have seen a good presentation from Steve Smith of Combined Knowledge about using Visual Studio for Load Testing a SharePoint farm. If you contact him through Twitter I'm sure he may be able to point you to resources regarding this: http://twitter.com/stevesmithck


You can use Pex and Moles to unit test SharePoint in isolation. There are 2 tutorials to get started, available from Microsoft at:


The tutorials are:

  • Unit Testing SharePoint with Moles
  • Unit Testing SharePoint with Behaviors
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    Should point out that Pex/Moles addins are only for Visual Studio 2010 (at time of writing I couldn't see VS2008 versions).
    – James Love
    Sep 3, 2010 at 7:58

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