My current environement is in SharePoint 2010 but some sites still have the 2007 look and feel. How do I change that?


As Eric said, you need to perform visual upgrade. Here is the PowerShell script which iterates through all site collections in a Web application and perform Visual upgrades.

#iterates though all the site collections
    $Mywebapplication = Get-SPWebApplication "http://myserverWebApplication1"
    foreach($site in $Mywebapplication.Sites)

            foreach($web in $site.AllWebs)
                write-host "In the Site Collection URL " $site.Url  "## In the web Named " $web.Name -foregroundcolor Yellow
                $web.UIVersion = 4
                $web.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled = 1

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Site Collection Administrators need to to go Site Actions, Site Settings and trigger the Visual Upgrade.

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