Does anyone know the solution for this?

If I'm querying items by SPSiteDataQuery I receive a DataTable with DataRow objects.

I could fetch the current version of an item and check if it ends with ".0" (indicating a major version).

If it isn't a major version, I could convert the DataRow to SPListItem and get the last published major version as SPListItem.

Else (if it is a major version) i can proceed with my DataRow object:

DataTable results = ...//get results from SPSiteDataQuery

foreach (DataRow row in results.Rows){

 string version = (string)row["_UIVersionString"];

 if (!version.EndsWith("0"))
    string absUrl = (string)row["EncodedAbsUrl"];
    SPListItem item = web.GetFile(absUrl).Item;
    SPListItem newestItem = null;

    foreach (SPListItem publishedMajorVersionItem in item.Versions)
      if (publishedMajorVersionItem.Level == SPFileLevel.Published)
        newestItem = publishedMajorVersionItem;

 //proceed with DataRow object
 CustomObject o = new CustomObject();
 o.Title = (string)row["Title"];

What is missing is: how can I get a DataRow object from the SPListItem?

Or: is there another way to get the last major published version if I'm using SPSiteDataQuery without converting the DataRow to SPListItem?

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You cannot, but since you already have your item in hand you can update your current row with latest item data. Something like:

foreach (DataColumn column in results.Columns)
    SPField field = newestItem.Fields.TryGetFieldByStaticName(column.ColumnName);
    if (field != null)
        row[field.InternalName] = newestItem[field.InternalName];

Please note I didn't test this code. I am just providing it as example.

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