I want to have an event receiver on site collection creation, but it is not available. So as an alternative way i think of writing a custom feature, and associating it with the default publishing site template.

Is that possible?

So that everytime a site collection instance is created (publishig site) my code will execute.

As a note: My aim is; i want to make some initial work when the site collection of my project is created: Like deleting the default coming Press Releases site. (These kind of things can be achieved with custom site definitions or web templates, but i don't want to create custom site definition)

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You can look at what this article is talking about Here.

So one option is the SpWebProvisioningProvider where you could effect the provisioning of a site and call your code on the site being created directly.

Or you could use a feature stapler that activated you custom feature on site creation and have a feature receiver that gets called on activation, thus calling custom code each time a certain (or all) sites are created.

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