I have a document library that contains both documents and links to documents.

How do I add managed metadata tags to the links to documents?

I have looked at the columns, which are below. It seems like there should be a way for Used In to be set for multiple content types(e.g. Document and Link to a Document).

enter image description here

  1. Go to Library Settings
  2. Click Link to a Document under Content Types
  3. Click Add from existing site or list columns
  4. Add your column (metadata tag in my case)

I liked this alternative better. I didn't have to create a new content type, and it only changes my Document Library rather than for the entire SharePoint site.


You should be able to create your own link to a document content type and extend it to add in your managed metadata column, then apply that to the library.

I wrote about it in http://www.amazon.com/SharePoint-2010-Work-Tricks-Opinions/dp/1449321003

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