just going through some slides for SharePoint 2010 Developer Certification slides and it says Site Columns are related to web, but I thought they are created on site collection level, can someone explain the concept of it for me please.

  • Site Columns are created at the Site Collection level but they can be localized at the Site Level. Nov 7, 2012 at 9:04

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Have a look @ Introduction to Columns

Specially look at the Column Scope section, which says Site Columns scope is same as Content Types...!

Also like content types, site columns are available to all the child sites of the site on which they are defined.

At the site level, the site column collection contains definitions for each site column defined on the site, whether or not it has been added to a content type or list on that site.

I hope this explains...


SharePoint also offers you the possibility to create Site Columns. What are these? They are columns that we create in a SharePoint site to be available to its’ sub sites.

enter image description here SharePoint Columns, Site Columns and Content Types explained As you can see when you create a SharePoint Site Column it is available to the site and its’ sub-sites. This makes it very interesting for us to reuse a configuration.

For more info see

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