I'm experimenting with using CSOM and Web Workers as many of my users use Chrome and FireFox. Currently I am importing SP.js and SP.Core.js

importScripts("../SP.js", "../SP.Core.js");

What other scripts do I need to import? Currently I am getting the error

Type is not defined.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you add a reference to /_Layouts/MicrosoftAjax.js you no longer get the Type is not defined error. The problem then becomes that Type is defined as inheriting from window.

Type Class

Provides a typing and type-reflection system for ECMAScript (JavaScript) object-oriented programming functionality.

Namespace: None. The Type methods are global and not part of a namespace.

Inherits: window.

Of course, a Web Worker does not have access to the window object. So it appears that it is not possible to use the CSOM with a Web Worker.

Window, Self, and Web Workers

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