have a user who lost permissions to author content in our site. I went and checked the authoring group and realized she was no longer a member. I figured someone had inadvertently removed her and simply added her back to the group.

Fast forward a month and this user lost her permissions again over the weekend. I'm now pretty sure some process or job is removing her permissions and start to investigate fully. I discovered that this user has duplicate entries in the UserInfo table for the site in question. Both are marked as Active even though one has a value in the tp_Deleted field.

From Microsoft: tp_Deleted - A value specifying whether the principal is marked as deleted. If tp_Deleted is 0, the principal is not deleted. If tp_Deleted is not 0, the principal is marked as deleted, and the value is the user identifier that was associated with this principal. The deleted state can be used for user information, rather than dropping entries from the table, to preserve list item ownership information. A user or domain group with the tp_Deleted value set to nonzero can be restored by setting the tp_Deleted value to 0 and updating other fields as necessary.

Does anyone know whether having an entry in the UserInfo table with a value other than 0 in the tp_Deleted field with a tp_IsActive status value of 1 is valid?

What timer job(s) are responsible for removing users from Groups?

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