I'm trying to filter a list using the REST service. The column im trying to filter is the default column "Modified". My problem is: I can get all itens created today, but not only the items created after noon. It seems like Sharepoint is ignoring the time factor of a datetime column and only comparing the date.

I tried to use the Hour() function but I get a 400 (bad request) error.


SharePoint 2010 REST Interface expects the following format for the Date column:

/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/ListName?$filter=Modified gt datetime'YYYY-MM-DDT12:00:00Z'

JavaScript example

var listTitle = "Requests";
var minDate = getMinDate();
var endpointUrl = "/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/" + listTitle + "?$filter=Modified gt datetime'" + minDate.toISOString() + "'";
$.getJSON(endpointUrl, function(data) {

function getMinDate()
    var d = new Date(); 
    d.setMonth(d.getMonth() - 1);
    return d;
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Well it seems to be impossible, so i worked around and used the client object model... shame...

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