My management department asks for access on the Web Analytics reports for the whole web application. I tried giving them the permissions to see Web Analytics, but they are still not able to login into Central Administration. Is there a possibility granting them acces to the reports, without giving them CA Administration rights?

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Making everyone a Farm Administrator on Central Admin is not a good idea, you should ask them to see Site Collection and Site level Web Analytics Data instead of whole Web Application!

However, one way is to put user in Security -> Manage the farm Administrators Group -> [Add user in this group] and now they should see Web Analytics Reports

About Site Collection and Site level Web Analytics Reports:
Out-of-the-box, these reports are visible to Administrators at each level. For example, site-level reports are available to Site Administrators of those sites. And there is also a new permission level, “View Web Analytics Data” that will allow users to access these reports without having to give them Administrator privileges.

You can access Web Analytics reports by going to Site Actions -> Site Settings. Under the Site Actions heading you will see two links, Site Web Analytics Reports and Site Collection Web Analytics Reports.


  • Thats another great strike of MS -.- Allowing only admins to see whos clickin where.. I know that i could use Sitecollectionwide Reports, but we have Sitecollections per department + projects .. As i said i dont want to give people acces to the Farm Admin Group, who technically dont know alot of this. Commented Nov 6, 2012 at 9:33

In SharePoint 2010, there is a permission called View Web Analytic Data - View reports on Web site usage. You can create a group having Read + this permission.


Try configuring permissions by following these steps and after it you can create a Web Analytics Web Part (located at the end of the linked article) in a site where they have access to.

  • I did that, but not-admin users are still not allowed to login into CA. Commented Nov 6, 2012 at 9:08

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