I am a newbie in SharePoint development and I have an Oracle and ASP.NET background. Can you please guide me to any tutorial which can take me from building Web parts to showing them on a SharePoint site.

I am using VS 2008 and SQLServer 2008 with MOSS 2007.


Straight from SharePoint developer center on MSDN with virtual labs and all

Module 1: Getting Started Building Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Also a walkthrough on MSDN: Walkthrough: Creating a Basic Web Part


An end to end implementation



I would also suggest having a look at the following books by Tedd Pattison which will help get you started:

Inside WSS 3.0

Inside MOSS 2007


Probably one of the most usefull tools in Sharepoint development (especially in WSS3.0 and MOSS2007) is WSPBuilder Be sure to install it on your machine as developing webparts and features is much easier with this plugin.

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