When calling GetListItemChangesSinceToken, and processing deletions, the data returned looks like this;

<Changes LastChangeToken="1;3;2e5fae54-20c4-4a9f-8e40-ae11784ee547;634873557043070000;106627" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/">
    <Id ChangeType="Delete" UniqueId="{BAD6C7BF-D874-4213-8DEA-6414846A8DA8}">55</Id>

For my application, I need to know whether this was a folder or a file. The info above is obviously not enough to go off, so I'm wondering is there any way to coerce SharePoint into returning this data?

I've tried using ViewFields as follows;

viewFields.InnerXml = "<FieldRef Name='FSObjType' /><FieldRef Name='ID' />";

But it still only returns the same XML as before.

Is there any other way to get this info from SharePoint?


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The information you seek (object type) is not kept in the ChangesLog database, so once the item itself is removed from the tables I doubt there is a way to obtain it.

In the ChangesDB you would have the Item's name and ID, that's about it IIRC. See Retrieving events from SharePoint’s ChangeLog

  • Thanks @Louis - that's a shame. I'll have to adapt my application to account for this. Thanks for the info. Nov 1, 2012 at 11:30

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