I'm a beginner with SP COM. I can't find any samples about this online.

Could anybody tell me how I should proceed to add or remove a file from a document library in SP 2010 with the Client Object Model?


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To add a document to a document library in VB.Net:

Imports SP = Microsoft.SharePoint.Client

Public Sub LoadFileToLibrary()
    Dim clientContext As SP.ClientContext = GetYourContext()
    Dim fileContent As Byte() = GetYourByteArrayOfYourFilesContents()

    Dim fileCreationInfo As SP.FileCreationInformation = New SP.FileCreationInformation()
    fileCreationInfo.Content = fileContent
    fileCreationInfo.Overwrite = True
    fileCreationInfo.Url = "Your full destination URL here including file name"

    Dim file As SP.File
    Dim folder As SP.Folder = list.RootFolder

    file = folder.Files.Add(fileCreationInfo)
End Sub

Same classes and everything in C# too. Should be easy enough to translate this snippet.

To delete a document, you can use the same code you would use to delete a list item (because a document library is just a special type of list). You should read How to: Create, Update, and Delete List Items.

Hope this helps.


This should get you started on uploading a file in SharePoint with the Client Object Model:


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