I have used following PS Script to add a user to a group on a web. I didn't any error but I cannot find the user in the group or anywhere else. Thanks for your advice.

New-SPUser "wm\test2" -Web "http://mydomain/sites/s1" -Group "reader on s1"
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Try this: Set-SPUser -Identity 'fun/factory' -Web http://someserver -Group 'Name of group'

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I think you need to do a web.Update after adding a user.

(I'm not a machine with SharePoint installed at the moment to test, sorry)

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  • I run web.Update() still not working – Medes Oct 26 '12 at 15:34

What happens when you try to get the user in PowerShell?

Get-SPUser "wm\test2" –Web "http://mydomain/sites/s1"

Furthermore, does the user already exist in your domain?

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  • When I run your script I get userLogin and DisplayName with wm\test2, Yes the user is already exist in my domain. – Medes Oct 26 '12 at 15:31

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