How to remove title from SPD in add new form.aspx. My list name is search.when i add new item it shows search - New Item, On edit it shows search - Title.

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You can go to List Settings -> Advance Settings -> Allow Management of Content Types radio button to Yes

enter image description here

Then click Item Content Type in List Settings -> click Title -> Hidden (will not appear in forms)

enter image description here

It will save you from editing List Form using SharePoint Designer 2010


If you want to hide dialog title:

NewForm.aspx title

you should add "display:none;" to the css of .ms-dlgTitle you can find it here:

body.v4master div.ms-dlgContent div.ms-dlgBorder div.ms-dlgTitle

in my css file it's on the 7606 string. You also can set css on the page of the form in spd

<style type="text/css">

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