It's been 10 years Sharepoint is around, but this feature is still missing OOB. It would help immensely in governing a Sharepoint farm, IMHO. Administrators should only setup the rules as staten by the business, then nothing is to be done later.

We are doing in a limited way by using custom workflows with custom lists which maps the relation between security groups and managed metadata.

I am wondering, anyone has implemented this with some custom code ? I know there is a product called Titus, anyone has used it successfully in real world ?. Not sure how it would impact the Sharepoint installation, I am always skeptical of installing third party solutions.


I think an eventreceiver should handle this pretty well. Here's some code that I haven't tested but looks pretty sound: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepoint2010programming/thread/18dcb996-5352-4856-b526-b69ccc71180e/

If you wanted more flexible solution, you could implement the event receiver to read from a property bag or some other configuration store and create an application page to configure it.


In SharePoint 2010 you can assign permissions via SharePoint Designer workflows. So, you could use the metadata in the workflow to assign permissions as necessary.


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