I would like to place a image on a page

<img src="myimage.jpeg" id="imgid" style="display:none"/>

if (PerMonth <0){
  $("#imgid").css("what do i need here to display different image when <0)

if (PerMonth >0){
  $("#imgid").css("Display different image >0)

Any ideas and thanks in advance

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Your .css could use the background-image property:


Or you may want to use simply modify the .src property instead of the .css of your jquery selector.


Try this,

if (PerMonth <0){ $(this).css("background-color","#FFFF00") $("#imgid").attr("src","image1.jpg") ;}

if (PerMonth >0){ $(this).css("background-color","#FFFF00") $("#imgid").attr("src","image2.jpg") ;}

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