I'm attempting to create a DVWP that merges 4 lists that share a content type schema but have distinct permissions. The issue I am having is that if a user does not have permissions to one of the lists the DVWP errors out with Unable to open the specified list.

How would I be able to create such a web part that would allow me to merge these lists showing the user items from only the lists she has access to see?

Edit: To be clear I am not doing a JOIN like you would in SQL. Each item from each list represents a distinct row in the view. The operation I am performing is more like a UNION of tables that share a schema. So if each of the 4 lists had only one item the DVWP would display 4 different rows.

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To create a view with data from multiple lists as a "union" it would be more appropiate to use the ContentByQueryWebPart


Here they discussed the same issue with permission on lists


as well here sample example to join lists.


Hope these helps!

  • I had previously Googled and seen what you posted. The problem is no answer is given to the issue and what they are doing in these examples is not what I am doing. I will edit my question to explain better. Oct 18, 2012 at 19:22

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