I have a custom webpart to add an item to the product list, i need a way to add tags to the item catagory column in the list (programmatically).

How do I do it !


Take a look at these scripts on TechNet. The script starting with 5 is updating the Item Category column. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Import-list-content-to-f735d7fb


i figured out a way to do this TaxonomyFieldValueCollection TagsCat = new TaxonomyFieldValueCollection(String.Empty); TagsCat.PopulateFromLabelGuidPairs(TaxonomyWebTaggingControl1.Text);

                            var taxKeywordField = oSpListItem.Fields.GetField("ProductCatalogItemCategory") as TaxonomyField;
                            taxKeywordField.CreateValuesInEditForm = true;
                                taxKeywordField.ParseAndSetValue(oSpListItem, TagsCat[0].TermGuid);
                            catch (Exception e2)


This worked for me

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