I want to get the manager of the user in the refinement panel. I already got department there but with manager i have a problem. I isn't even indexed on a full crawl.

I use the Fast Search Tool to query the search. Steps I done sp far: 1. Add Userprofiles to Computer (Computer Management -> No AD (Standalone Installation)) 2. Created Userprofiles -> Set Values for manager 3. Created a Managed Property "Manager" which is mapped to "People:Manager(Text)" and "ows_Manager(Text)" which both are set to include in index 4. Full Crawl and event Index Reset and then full crawl

So far I have "There are zero documents in the index using this property." in the crawled properties.

Can someone help?


OK, got it. I forgot to set the User Property "Manager" in Userprofile to indexed.

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    Awesome... it worked for me... Jul 6 '15 at 6:19
  • Thanks Steffen. You saved me a few hours of figuring out why the property wasn't returning anything! If I ever see you, I owe you a beer!
    – Fox
    Feb 19 '16 at 2:23

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