How can I create a folder structure in a discussion board? I have already tried this solution:

1) Create a new Site Content Type say called 'Thread Folder' based on the Folder Content Type with the Parent Content Type as a Discussion (Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Content Types)

2) Then, go into the Discussion List Settings and add the new content type (Add from existing site content types)


Then I create a new 'Thread Folder' and discussion in it. When click on Reply within this discussion, I cannot see item that represent root reply. How to get rid of this problem?

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SharePoint OOTB Discussion Boards are not designed to work in a folder-like structure. I assume you are trying to better categorize your discussion boards into topical groups. Here are a few alternative routes you might try:

1) Use a Category column that you filter on. Then you can use the various SharePoint filter web parts to "drill-down" to the posts in particular topics.


2) Use multiple discussion boards by topic. Create a separate discussion board for each topic that you could then either simply list on a page to drill-down to or create a custom web part that grabs the counts, etc., from each board and aggregates them into a single view.


3) Use a third-party discussion board solution. There are a number of options you could explore, from simply extending the existing discussion board functionality or adding completely new ones.

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