I have a site hierarchy that looks like:

  • Roadmaps (/engineering/roadmaps)
    • RM1 Meeting Site (/engineering/roadmaps/RM1Meet)
    • RM2 Meeting Site (/engineering/roadmaps/RM2Meet)

Now those meeting subsites are how the teams that write the roadmaps track their tasks. You know, in the task lists on those subsites (for example, /engineering/roadmaps/RM1Meet/Lists/Tasks/AllItems.aspx).

The parent Roadmaps site has a set of wikipages (RM1wiki, RM2wiki) that are the actual roadmaps for various things. For example, /engineering/roadmaps/sitepages/RM1wiki.aspx

What I want to do is out on the wikipage for the roadmap is have the tasklist appear as a webpart drawing its data from the list on the subsite.

Wiki Page       -> /engineering/roadmaps/sitepages/RM1wiki.aspx
List on subsite -> /engineering/roadmaps/RM1Meet/Lists/Tasks/AllItems.aspx

It looks like this is the same question as SharePoint2010 view tasks list items from child sites. There's a suggestion there to use the Content by Query Web Part. I took that for a road test and it seems to work okay.

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