I'm trying to prevent users from editing an item after i've set a "WIP cutoff". I have a checkbox to set this and I'm trying to get the status of that checkbox using a function that has been used extensively in an existing customised sharepoint 2007 site. The Function is:

function getField(fieldType,fieldTitle) { 
    var docTags = document.getElementsByTagName(fieldType); 
    for (var i=0; i < docTags.length; i++) { 
        if (docTags[i].title == fieldTitle) { 
            return docTags[i] 

So in order to get the "Checked Status" of the box:

<input name="ctl00$m$g_0c239981_ad37_4fda_8a14_7015542b4518$ff113_1$ctl00$ctl00$BooleanField" title="WIP Closed Off" id="ctl00_m_g_0c239981_ad37_4fda_8a14_7015542b4518_ff113_1_ctl00_ctl00_BooleanField" type="checkbox" CHECKED="checked" value="on"/>

I'm using with the help of share points built-in "PreSaveAction" function [so I've been told]:

// PreSaves Edit WIP NEW
function PreSaveAction() {
    if (getField('input', 'WIP Closed Off').CHECKED == "checked") {
        alert("This Campaign has been closed, you can not edit products.");
        //return false;

I originally thought that I should be getting the "Value" of the checkbox but it is alway ON regardless of the checkbox state.

Any help appreciated.


I believe the DOM will hold the checked property as lower case, so you should be fine by doing:

if (getField('input', 'WIP Closed Off').checked) {...}

Make sure that getField actually return the element you seek.
Another approach is to use jQuery, like this:

if (!$('[title=WIP Closed Off]').prop('checked'))) return;
  • maybe slightly out of context, but after jquery introduced .prop it's better to use that for this kind of case, like - if (!$('[title=WIP Closed Off]').prop('checked')), anyway performance is same, just another approach – Diptarag Oct 12 '12 at 5:45
  • Good call, updating answer. Also, in theory it might actually be faster for those that care, there are some tests as well. I do find .is to be readable though, and it's even 1 char shorter :D – eirikb Oct 12 '12 at 5:55
  • Hi Eirikb, thanks for the tip, the checked property was indeed lowercase, so I've gotten a step closer. Unfortunately Jquery is a bit beyond me at this stage. So I've got this bit of code now: codefunction PreSaveAction() {alert(getField('input', 'WIP Closed Off').checked); if (getField('input', 'WIP Closed Off').checked == "true") {alert("This Campaign has been closed, you can not edit products."); history.go(-1);}code The first alert returns "true", however the if statement doesn't happen–the record gets saved. I've tried doing additional OR statements for "on" and "checked" but nothing. – sansSpoon Oct 16 '12 at 1:35
  • You seem to have answered your own question, but in any case, by using the first line of code I gave you it should work fine. It does not weakly compare the boolean value true to the string 'true', as true == 'true' is false. – eirikb Oct 16 '12 at 4:21
  • 1
    @SaMolPPp Yes, given that the selector is correct – eirikb Oct 18 '15 at 17:39

True is not a string! In both cases where I was checking to see if checked was "checked" or "true" I was calling it as a string with the double quotes. I removed the quotes and the if statement worked.

Rookie mistake!

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