Got a really strange problem here. All of a sudden users cannot access their mysite. I get the could not load user profile error. Strangely there doesnt seem to be anything in the logs relating to the correlation id presented. Also when I look at the profiles in CA, if I take a copy of the URL to a users mysite I can access it no problem. I can also sign in as a different user from the CA server and get to my own mysite no problem. Looking on-line I've followed all the guidance and everything looks fine to me. Any ideas?

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Can't find anything of substance in the logs – COB Jan 22 '13 at 14:14
  • Please check the server time. All the servers should have same time frame. Regards Gyan Shukla – spgyan Jan 22 '13 at 18:49

Please follow the steps given below :

1) Login to Central Administrations.

2) Click Application Management link.

3) In Service Applications click Manage services on server link.

4) Start User Profile Synchronization Service. If its already start, stop it and start again.

5) Then go to service application page and click on your user profile.

6) In Synchronization , click on Configure Synchronization Connections and edit and update your connection.

7) My Site Settings, click Setup My Sites link and again update your all settings.

8) No perform IISReset

check your mysite would be open.

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