i saw a sharepoint where its list item as a background color (blue) for odd list item number and another (white) for even numbers. I dont know where i can set this.

I looked into designer and i could do it with the ID property and check if the list item is even or odd and then change the background color but the problem is if i do this and they change the way the list is ordered then it will be all messed up. Help anyone ?



If you are talking about XSLTListViewWebPart then there should be a class ms-alternating for every second <tr> which you can use to select in CSS, like this:

.ms-itmhover { background-color: darkblue }
.ms-alternating { background-color: darkred }

Another fun way is to use pseudoselects like :not(.ms-alternating) or more fun:

tr:nth-child(odd) { background-color: darkblue }
tr:nth-child(even) { background-color: darkred }

But be aware about browser support.

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