I am able to open a PDF document that is uploaded on staging but not able to open same document from development server.

Its all working on IE but not on Chrome browser, I wonder if its related to SharePoint at all ?

I googled already and tried common things need to open PDF documents in chrome but nothing worked.

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I uninstalled one of custom webpart on that site and it started working, not sure what was the real issue as I have tried almost everything in above question and nothing helped.

  1. Restart your computer and try opening the PDF again
  2. Open a local copy of a PDF in the web browser
  3. Download the PDF again
  4. Delete temporary Internet files
  5. Deselect and then reselect the Display PDF In Browser preference
  6. Try a different website
  7. Install the latest version of Reader or Acrobat
  8. Remove multiple versions of Reader or Acrobat, and then reinstall
  9. View the PDF in a 32-bit version of the web browser

Source: http://www.techyv.com/questions/there-was-error-opening-document-access-denied

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