I have written a custom timer job that should only run on one server in the farm. The constructor is as follows:

public class MyCustomTimerJob : SPJobDefinition {

public MyCustomTimerJob () : base() { }

public MyCustomTimerJob (SPWebApplication webApp)
: base("CustomJobName", webApp, null, SPJobLockType.Job)
    this.Title = "CustomJobName";

I schedule the job with the following code:

SPDailySchedule schedule = SPDailySchedule.FromString("daily at 6:00");

MyCustomTimerJob job = new MyCustomTimerJob(webApp);
job.Schedule = schedule;

When I look at the Scheduled Jobs in Central Admin, it shows the job scheduled to run on all 3 WFE servers. I expected it to only be scheduled on a single server since the lock type is SPJobLockType.Job.

When the scheduled time comes, the job does not run and I don't see anything in the ULS logs.

Of course this is a new production deployment and the issue cannot be reproduced in the test or dev farms.

Any suggestions?

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As you can see here: http://manomangaldas.blogspot.be/2008/06/sharepoint-job-spjoblocktype-which-one.html

even if you see the job scheduled on all WFE, actually it will run on single server (one instance) when Lock Type is Job.

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