I have the following code:

XmlNode newItemRes = ceoList.GetListItems("Pages", null, getItem, ndViewFields, null, null, null);
XDocument d = XDocument.Load(new XmlNodeReader(newItemRes));
XNamespace ns = "#RowsetSchema";
string newItemId = (from x in d.Descendants(ns + "row")
                 orderby x.Attribute("ows_Created_x0020_Date")
                 select (string)x.Attribute("ows_ID")).First();

newFolderXml = String.Format(
                        @"<Batch OnError='Continue'>
                            <Method ID='1' Cmd='Update'>
                                <Field Name='ID'>" + newItemId + @"</Field>
                                <Field Name='PublishingPageContent'>{0}</Field>
                                <Field Name='Title'>{1}</Field>
                                <Field Name='TaxKeywordTaxHTField'>28;Friday Memo|938edce3-67fd-438e-9c45-f475ab846187</Field>
                                 SPEncode.HtmlEncode(String.Format(htmlBase, title, quickLinks, newPageContent)),
                                 "Friday Memo for " + nextFriday.ToString("M/d/yyyy"));

xd = new XmlDocument();
newItem = xd.DocumentElement;
createdItem = ceoList.UpdateListItems("Pages", newItem);

When I look at the value in newItemId it is the ID of the list item I need to update, but for some reason after I execute this code the page is not updated. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here?



bool test = ceoList.CheckOutFile("http://sp-pubdev:88/" + newUrl, "false", "");

before the code above (I was using true fore the second parameter before) fixed this issue.

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