I am trying to do one thing in sharepoint.

Student should select the Highest Qualification. In Highest qualification I am showing 3 values such as:

  • Post Graduation,
  • Graduation,
  • Under Graduation

In another field I want to show all courses for the selected qualification level. How can I achieve this. Do I need to do this in code, or could it all be done in the InfoPath form?

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You need to make cascading combobox. You can filter your comboboxes which field u want to.

1.Right click combobox u want to filter

2.Select combobox properties

3.Below datasource list, click the box next to the entries field.

enter image description here

4.You can filter your comboboxes from here.

  • Considering that this process is really tricky, this answer could really use more explanation on HOW to set the filter. This Answer might be helpful : sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/166947/…
    – user43832
    Commented Sep 5, 2017 at 15:00

In InfoPath 2010 there are Rules, what you can do is make 3 controls for each of the selection and on each control create a Rule to show/hide when the field Highest Selection has certain value... Following link should be helpful

In InfoPath 2007: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/146504/how-do-i-conditionally-display-a-field-in-infopath

In InfoPath 2010 http://the-north.com/sharepoint/post/2012/06/12/SharePoint-and-Infopath-2010-Conditionally-Hide-Form-Fields.aspx

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