I developed a custom field type for List, now I am trying to get list data using SharePoint list web services in "K2 workflow" I can get all fields values except this custom field type as I am not sure if I need to parse it to what type.

e.g. if its a string we use


for double we use

double d = float.NaN;                                   
double.TryParse(childNode.Attributes[columnID].Value, out d);
ID = d;

Wonder what it gonna be like to parse a custom field type whose format is 1.1.1 and its class is inheriting from "SPFieldText" but when I try to prase it like string, it gives me Object reference not set..

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We can get custom field values just like default ones but I was confused at that time,


however its recommended to check if field exists before getting its value as otherwise it will break your code,

Hope it helps if someone else come across same issue :)

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