A new end user has started using your sharepoint site. They have never used sharepoint before. What do you recommend they start read/watch/listen to? What is the best resource for first time sharepoint users?

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For online video training I recommend Pluralsight. The have recently added lots of "end user" courses. Also a great resource for developers and administrators.


I suggest you start off with the following free resources:

If those do not help your end users, which I thought it, then go with the paid subscriptions.


For online video training, I recommend lynda.com. Very inexpensive monthly subscriptions, and most end users should be able to get through the training videos before one month is complete. They offer a lot of training, but just look them up and enter "sharePoint" and you'll see the options for both end users or administrators. I am a SharePoint consultant, and I use these videos with my clients.

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